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Childhood/Family Counseling Information

Providing child, adolescent, marriage and family counseling.
Treatment specialization includes: Childhood/School Issues,Trauma-Based Issues, ADHD, Marriage Counseling, Parent Support

For further clarification on how I work, see About Rebecca Kane.

  • ADHD and ADD So many children/adolescents are given this diagnosis, and the parents must find their own way - what exactly they need to do for and with their child. My approach to working with these children offers behavioral strategies and incorportates a system of short and long term-goals. Most children can readily respond to this approach and the parents are adjuncts in facilitating this progress. Children learn the joy and the adventure of working this way,  successfully utilizing their natural physical, mental and emotional capacities. In addition, Family Counseling is an essential piece to the progress of each family's adjustment and growth in regrards to the child's problems. This process is based on problem-solving and negotiation, not on focusing on individual member's "faults" or how that member should be doing in relation to other family members. Essentially, this counseling heightens how each member, individually or collectively, can support and uplift the group .
  • Parenting Support This portion of the counseling process is paramount for the parents for any child in therapy. It maximizes the effectiveness parents have with each other and with their children. This benefits the understanding of what is going on with the child and highlights how parents are approaching the issues with the child via the school, home, acitivity groups, etc. They learn to understand this is an ongoing process, that has its rewards as well as its struggles and exactly how to meet them all
  • Grief Counseling This specialized area of treatment entails the process of the stages of grief, how they fluctuate, and how to transcend beyond the fluctuations. Child/families learn to cope, to manage and how to have the capacity to stabilize within the burden of loss. This process takes into consideration the family's spritiual and ethnic backgrounds.
  • School Issues and Conflicts This multi-faceted set of issues requires time and attention to all the details that might be the causes/origins of what is going on . This area of therapy can rigorous and often the child would rather not express the issues/feelings. This is where my expertise in expressive play and art therapy have been extremely beneficial in helping the child/adolescent not only see the real issues, but come to have the absolutely necessary compassion for themselves that will facilitate change.
  • Stress Management I truly believe that it does not matter the age or type of person I see in the therapeutic process; we are all biological beings and can learn permanent change with simple but truly effective methods I employ with my clients. Utilizing the concept of centering the body, this force  drives the individual's capacity for change. The success comes from the realization that these techniques REALLY are effective and can change years of life-long unproductive patterns - of anxiety, depression, ongoing traummatic reactions. 
  • Addiction & Recovery These aspects to an adolescent's or and adult's makeup can reak havoc on the family in inumerable ways. With the wide range of insights, research and programs I have completed in this field, I feel very qualified to work with the individual who is experiencing problems of their own or within the family due to substance use. Each individual comes to this issue with a different background and there are several ways in which it may be dealt with. The individual only needs the capacity to question what is going on in their lives to take the next possible set of steps. I have had great success with those who become willing partners. 
In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized approach, tailored to each of my clients individual /collective needs, to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

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