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About Rebecca Kane

I am a therapist with extensive training in child/marriage and family therapy, in additiion to twelve years of therapeutic work with many populations within New York City. I am and have been for the last twelve years, extremely interested in the well-being of children of this great city. I have found most every type of issue and problem within the bounds of the family and therefore, the confines of my private office. Being part of a family is a joy, but always a great challenge. I utilize a multi-theoretical basis for children and for their families. Art, play-acting, use of materials, and the creative force of the unconscious , give way to the problems, and the answers that these young people are searching for  - a way to express themselves, to be truly heard and appreciated for whatever they bring to the world. Most importantly, the child discovers what is going on inside of him/her. Their stories depict their feelings, behaviors and relationships . I mirror back to them with empathy, insight and compassion. The child begins to appreciate her/himself , to trust that I might hold their pain or difficulties and then to find the true self and the love for themselves. This work paves the way for anyone seeking to find their way out of their difficulties. This is quite a process for the child and for the family that is so engaged in their struggles. The extraordinary news is that it works!

In family therapy I work on a problem-solving basis, utilizing aspects of behavioral and insight therapy. You will begin to see results that you have been hopng for or creating new adventures with your family you didn't think possible You and your family will begin to:

1.  Learn communication skills in ways that members have found it very difficult to talk to each other

2.  Strengthen the bonds between parents in a practical and spritual sense on all levels of issues

Abandonment to Healing, Therapy jCertificate
ADHD and its Solutions, Therapy Certificate
Sensory Integration Therapy, Certificate
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Certificate
Advanced Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certificate
NY Institute for Self Psychology Certificate - Kohut Contributions to the Treatment of Children and Parnets
Harlem Family Institute  3 Year Psychoanalytic/Psychotherapy Certificate
 New York University  Master's Degree in Social Work

Contact me if you think you might benefit from this type of child or family therapy. Individual appointments may be made at any time for any family member.
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