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ADHD and ADD Therapy

So many children/adolescents are given this diagnosis, and the parents must find their own way - what exactly they need to do for and with their child. My approach to working with these children offers behavioral strategies and incorportates a system of short and long term-goals. Most children can readily respond to this approach and the parents are adjuncts in facilitating this progress. Children learn the joy and the adventure of working this way,  successfully utilizing their natural physical, mental and emotional capacities. In addition, Family Counseling is an essential piece to the progress of each family's adjustment and growth in regrards to the child's problems. This process is based on problem-solving and negotiation, not on focusing on individual member's "faults" or how that member should be doing in relation to other family members. Essentially, this counseling heightens how each member, individually or collectively, can support and uplift the group. 
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